Meet our Personal Trainers

Rebecca Dobie

I’m a motivated bubbly person that will support you every step of the way. I have a lot of experience and knowledge on how to change your body shape by building muscle and losing body fat.

I have seen many of my clients transform from being unhappy overweight and not motivated to full of life, a healthy weight and feeling confident in themselves. It’s so rewarding for me to see my clients happy, confident and motivated again.

I can help you achieve your body goals. Let me help you change your life around.

Experience: 7 Years

L2 Fitness Instructor
L3 Personal Trainer
L4 Advanced Personal Trainer

Specialise in: Weight loss, Toning, Fitness & Building Muscle

Ryan Lawley Williams

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in the health and fitness industry this includes; working with clients who have different body types, medical conditions and setbacks. I have helped kick start their fitness journey and made them feel and look the best they ever have.

I believe everyone is different and requires a tailor made and reviewed training plan to help achieve personal goals. My love for fitness has transferred from bettering myself to bettering other people, which has made me into the person I am today. I am a big motivator and will always give moral support to the end.

Experience: 2 Years

L2 Gym Instructor
L3 Personal Trainer
L3 Sports Coaching
Spin Instructor

Specialise in: Fitness, Weight loss, Toning & Muscle Gain

James Cloke

I have a real passion when it comes to Health and Fitness. I pass on my extensive knowledge and I love what I do, which is something my clients have picked up on whilst training with me. I enjoy putting myself through tough training sessions so I knows how my clients feel when they’re being pushed to their limits.

With my passion, knowledge and experience I will be able to set goals relevant to your needs and then achieve those goals through hard work, nutritional advice and exciting and enjoyable workouts.

Experience: 10 Years

L3 Advanced Personal Training
L2 Gym Instructor
A1 Assessor
PTI Kettle Bell Training & Conditioning
TRX Suspension Training
Spin Instructor
ACE Certified Rehabilitation Trainer

Specialise in: Sports Conditioning, Nutrition & Weight Management & Strength & Muscle Gain